Our Patient Stories

When Faan Botha was diagnosed with a chronic heart disease, he relied on a pacemaker donation himself. Now, he wants to give back and help other cardiac patients in their effort to stay alive. Meet our patients who have received a cardiac device donation from Revived Pulse Foundation. With our work, we believe that we create hope in the cardiac community.

Silvia Coetzee

John du Souza

Roberto Dalmonte

Without an organisation like Revived Pulse Foundation, I know that this testimonial and my story, would never have been written. It is only thanks to them, to those generous hearts who give of themselves selflessly, that I am still alive today.

Caldin Andrew Castle

My name is Caldin Castle and I am 17 years old. I have been very privileged and honoured to have been donated a pacemaker and also the continuity of my life by the Revived Pulse Foundation.

Adries Steyn

I am Andries Steyn, a 38-year-old admin clerk at local Agricultural Co-op in Carolina in Mpumalanga. I have been blessed with a donation of a CPAP Machine from Revived Pulse Foundation that has truly given me a new lease on life.

Hans Dreyer

In February 2018, 3am in the morning, a ringing cellphone woke me up. After a few minutes of confusion, I realised that the ringing sound came from inside my chest. It was my pacemaker. At 7am that same morning I gave my cardiologist a call. He explained that the pacemaker’s battery is flat and that I needed to come into the hospital immediately for an emergency replacement.

Brian Wilson

In July 2019, I went into hospital to undergo an aortic valve replacement and the procedure was successful. However, early the next morning I developed a serious degree of AV heart block. My pulse rate was only 15 beats per minute at the time. I received shock treatment to start my heart beating regularly and shortly thereafter had an emergency operation to insert a temporary pacemaker. Since I then needed a permanent pacemaker, I went in for a third procedure the following evening.

Faan Botha

I am an ordinary farmer from the south of Gauteng, in a region called Bloemkomspruit. I live with my wife Elmari, we have no children due to cancer earlier on in our marriage. In November 2013, during sowing season, I had a cold and promised my wife that I would go to the doctor once we had finished sowing. During the sowing, I was exposed to insecticide, and with the combination of the flu, it resulted in my immune system shutting down. A virus called Staphylococcus Aureus attacked my heart, this caused my heart to enlarge and I ended up with cardiomyopathy.

Wynand Odendaal

In the year 2011, I had the mother of all heart attacks. My main artery collapsed, and it left my heart without oxygen for four hours. After saving my life, the doctor could only send me home to recover, because any further surgery would have hindered my recovery. My left heart muscle was seriously damaged. For months I was bed ridden and fighting the worst depression I ever came across, however, things began to improve. I started walking and miraculously, I began to feel life return.