Brian Wilson

In July 2019, I went into hospital to undergo an aortic valve replacement and the procedure was successful. However, early the next morning I developed a serious degree of AV heart block. My pulse rate was only 15 beats per minute at the time. I received shock treatment to start my heart beating regularly and shortly thereafter had an emergency operation to insert a temporary pacemaker. Since I then needed a permanent pacemaker, I went in for a third procedure the following evening.

I had depleted our medical aid benefits on the prosthetic heart valve and as a result, had no more funds to pay for the pacemaker. I had already paid a huge amount of R193 500.00 out of my own pocket for the valve, as the medical aid only paid about a third of the cost. Being an 84-year-old pensioner, this was a big chunk of my savings.

Whilst waiting to go into theatre for my permanent pacemaker, Carine and my Cardiologist said I was not to worry about the cost of the pacemaker, and I was then wheeled into theatre.

The next morning Carine spoke to my wife and told us about Revived Pulse Foundation and that they had agreed to fund my pacemaker. What a relief this was.

I am extremely grateful to Revived Pulse Foundation as without the pacemaker I would not be alive today.

Once again a huge thank you to Faan and Elmarie for being there in my time of need. May the generosity of Revived Pulse Foundation be able to bless many more patients in their time of need.