Hans Dreyer

In February 2018, 3am in the morning, a ringing cellphone woke me up. After a few minutes of confusion, I realised that the ringing sound came from inside my chest. It was my pacemaker. At 7am that same morning I gave my cardiologist a call. He explained that the pacemaker’s battery is flat and that I needed to come into the hospital immediately for an emergency replacement.

I realised that this is now a moment between life and death. My heart functions at only 25% and this means my pacemaker controls the majority of my heart rhythm. When my pacemaker isn’t working, my heart will stop beating.

It felt like a thunderstorm starting up. About six weeks ago I had a discussion with my medical aid about replacing the pacemaker. The new pacemaker costs about R140 000 and my medical aid is only willing to pay R40 000. I do not have R100 000 to replace it.

I then remembered that my wife and I had tea with her son, Martin Fereira, about two weeks before this incident. We had a discussion about the cost of the pacemaker and the fact that the medical aid would not cover the device in full. He mentioned his friend, Robbie Nel, which offers equipment for cardiac rhythm management.

Martin contacted Robbie and explained my predicament. Robbie’s answer was the absolute miracle we prayed for. Robbie said: “Tell uncle Hans that he doesn’t need to worry about anything, Revived Pulse Foundation will donate the device”. I couldn’t believe that something like this is possible. The words “thank you, thank you, thank you…” couldn’t escape my thoughts.

Robbie and the Revived Pulse Foundation team made sure that the device was at the theater before the operation. While my wife was waiting for me outside the theatre, Robbie also mentioned that if there were any other costs, he would take care of it.

The kindness of Robbie’s words that day is proof that there is still a “Good Samaritan” in the 21st century. This act of kindness changed my life forever. I realised that this was sent from above. HE used Robbie as HIS angel in my moment of need. I could continue with my practice after this. A new life awaited me.

Sometimes we think that miracles do not happen anymore. I can honestly tell you today that it does exist. Thanks to Revived Pulse Foundation, Robbie Nel and Dr. Jean Voster, I got a second chance at life. Thank you.