Andries Steyn

I am Andries Steyn, a 38-year-old admin clerk at local Agricultural Co-op in Carolina in Mpumalanga.

I have been blessed with a donation of a CPAP Machine from Revived Pulse Foundation that has truly given me a new lease on life.

In July 2020, I got a heart attack and ended up in hospital. I had to get two stents implanted into two arteries because it was almost completely blocked. While I was in hospital, the doctor also diagnosed me with sleep apnoea and it was recommended that I need to get a CPAP machine to help with breathing assistance at night. Unfortunately my medical aid could not cover the machine and I did not have the funds to obtain it.

A friend of mine heard about my problem and jumped into action with arrangements to get me a CPAP machine…

In August 2020 a lady from Revived Pulse Foundation contacted me and informed me that they were able to donate the CPAP machine and I have to collect it from their offices in Pretoria. On 28 August 2020 I collected my CPAP machine from the team, and this is where I met Faan and Elmari Botha. I am indeed blessed to have met these friendly people.

I am a different person since I have been using the CPAP machine. I feel great and have so much more energy to take on the day.

Thank you very much Revived Pulse Foundation for your great work.