Le Tour De Spirit of the Great Heart 2024

This is a great opportunity to raise awareness and funds for Revived Pulse to meet our Foundation’s mission - provide heart products and services to cardiac patients in need.

This Cycle Tour is specially created by Revived Pulse Foundation to celebrate World Heart Day 2024.

We are excited to present to you…

A new alternative to benefit the community and save lives of patients who are in desperate need of life saving device. This covers a wide spectrum of companies who can come together to save lives through Revived Pulse Non-Profit Organisation Cycle Tour taking place from the 12 – 17 of September 2024. Cyclists from various pharmaceutical, medical and related industries will take the challenge to cycle in World Heart Month. Bringing the community of medical professionals together for a better future with the Revived Pulse team.

Our Vision

  • Revived Pulse vision is to motivate companies and organisations to see the value of providing assistance to heart patient’s all over South Africa and to give them new hope for a future.
  • It is to spark the interest of people, regardless of race, age or creed. It is to get people involved in the Foundation’s projects, to reach the goal of providing the heart products and services to as many people in need as soon as possible. It is to get medical aids, personnel and suppliers involved, to invest either financially or physically in the cause of this important project.

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to help patients in their effort to stay alive. It is to get medical support and help communities understand, that they can advance generations to come, by saving a life. To make societies aware of the wonderful medical breakthroughs that aim in supporting a heart patient. To let people, realise that there is life after heart failure, and to help them prolong their lives with their loved ones.


Revived Pulse aims to have a manageable group of approximately 20 cyclist compete in the tour in our first year of conducting the tour. We appeal to companies to enter a fit and healthy avid cyclist who are able to complete the 640km journey split over 6 days.